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Multi-Day Bike Tours

With 93-miles of scenic riding, the entirety or portions of the LVRT can be enjoyed over a span of a few days.  We have put together Full and Half trail options best suited for cycling travel. Visit our Trail Travel page for a town by town directory of lodging and dining options to put together your itinerary!  For those traveling with your own bikes and equipment visit our Bike Shuttle page to book your trail travel experience. 


  • Bike or EBike rental 

  • Helmet, bike lock, bike saddlebags/panniers 

  • One way shuttle east or west, pickup or drop off

  • On call tour support

  • Copy of our unique LVRT Adventure Guide Book


Full Trail Bike Tour


(available Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

Hop on our shuttle in St. Johnsbury and get shuttled West to the town of Swanton, the very beginning (or end!) of the LVRT,  OR meet us in Swanton to begin your tour!


We'll meet you at either end of the trail where you will collect your bike, tour equipment and any add-ons such as bike saddlebags and tow-along trailers. Receive a brief ebike orientation and charging and storage tutorial and you can begin your adventure!


This is a self-guided package where you choose your own pace and itinerary for the cycling journey. Vermont is special in its rural, local nature and combined with the infancy of the trail there are currently limited trailside lodging options at this time. Lodging is not included in this package but many local hotel, Airbnb and Vrbo options exist in towns throughout the trail. The full trail can be done in less time but we recommend spending at least 3 cycling days (two nights) or for a more leisurely experience, four days of cycling. This pace is around 30+- miles of biking per day allowing you to complete a third of the trail per day and enjoye the local scene along the way! End your travels back at your car in St. Johnsbury, or take your shuttle ride back to your vehicle Swanton. This tour can be done in 3 or 4 days depending on your pace and leisure time in between.

3 day Full Trail EBike Tour - $350    (Regular Bike $230)

4 day Full Trail EBike Tour - $445   (Regular Bike $285)

Half Trail Bike Tour


(available Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

93 miles of trail doesn't need to be done all at once, cycling a portion of it instead of all may be more desirable for some.  Our custom Half Trail Bike Tour is an approximately 55-mile option that travels through the portion of trail with more amenities, accommodations and attractions, and allows for a comfortable 27-mile per day pace that can be done over two days.


This tour begins or ends in the middle of the LVRT at our trailside bike center in Johnson.  Meet us at or get shuttled to our trailside bike center in Johnson or at the St. Johnsbury trailhead for this tour.  


Collect your tour equipment and any add-ons such as trail snacks, bike saddlebags and tow-along trailer.  Receive a brief ebike orientation and charging and storage tutorial and depart on your cycling journey.  Choose your stops along the way back to your car in either Johnson or St. Johnsbury, or ride the shuttle back, two or three days later.    

2 day Half Trail EBike Tour - $260     (Regular Bike $180)

MAKE IT CUSTOM! All of our 2-4 Day Bike Tours are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday in line with our shuttle schedule. For groups looking for private shuttle transportation on our off days, outside of our normal operating schedule or to different destinations CUSTOM/PRIVATE GROUP SHUTTLES are available and can be added to any Multi-Day Trail Tour Package. Please contact us directly and we'd be happy to work with you! Popular dates fill up fast! Smaller groups can be accommodated but Groups of 6 or more are recommended for custom shuttles due to cost.  

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