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Available year round! 

$80  (7 hr tour)


Lamoille County is the most densely populated segment of the 93-mile-long Lamoille Valley Rail Trail.  From Cambridge to Morrisville the trail weaves in and out of 4 villages and is packed with breathtaking mountain scenery, wild river plains, rolling farm fields and plenty of photo ops!  The villages sport food, brews, amenities, and communities that invite you to stop and explore their art, history and culture.  We have put together an itinerary for East and West travel from our trailside headquarters that highlights the best of what the Lamoille County trail segment has to offer.  From refreshing swimming holes, scenic picnic areas and family-friendly playgrounds to unique art murals, shopping boutiques and quality food and ale, let our Best of Lamoille itinerary guide you on a one-of-a-kind bike adventure! 

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