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Trail Travel

There is no right or wrong way to travel this scenic and unique trail. This amenity directory is put together in order of West to East travel from Swanton to St. Johnsbury and is just a sampling of the features along the trail. We highly recommend you view this page on a computer or laptop. Use this directory as a resource for any portion(s) of the trail you may find yourself exploring, east to west or west to east and back.  

For those looking to cycle one direction instead of out-and-back check out our Rail Trail Shuttle page. 


LVBT offers a handful of support services for trail travelers including:

  • Bike, Gravel Bike or EBikes 

  • Bike saddlebags/panniers

  • Tow-behind trailers 

  • Helmets

  • Bike locks

  • Bike shuttle east or west, pickup or drop off

  • On call tour support

  • Customized dining and attractions itinerary

  • Luggage Transport (based on availability)

Browse our Multi-Day Tour page for more details!


About the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail

The Lamoille Valley Rail Trail (LVRT) is a four-season, multi-purpose recreation corridor across northern Vermont following the former 93-mile Lamoille Valley Railroad from St. Johnsbury to Swanton. The LVRT extends across five counties connecting 18 towns. The trail has a 10-foot-wide firm compacted crushed stone surface with grass shoulders and gentle grades. The trail is open year-round to non-motorized uses. In the warmer months, the trail can be utilized for walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, and horseback riding. Local snowmobile clubs maintain and groom the trail through winter.  Additional recreational opportunities and points of interest can be found along the trail at designated fish and wildlife waysides and in the many communities along the trail. For more information on the LVRT visit the VTrans project page which also includes a interactive LVRT trip interactive trip planning map.

Last summer Vermont was ready to celebrate the grand opening of the full 93 miles of this trail.  On July 10, our region experienced a catastrophic flood that damaged many sections of the LVRT throughout the entire length.  The state was forced to close the newly opened trail to the public for two and a half months while the VT Agency of Transportation worked on repairs.  This year will be the first official year of our full rail trail.


Whether you're experiencing the LVRT as a day trip or cycling across it over a handful of days there is a lot to see, do, eat and buy on and nearby this scenic trail. As the trail is in its first full year of completion our small towns are eager and preparing for cyclers. Some of these rural towns may not boast lodging and dining options but still provide breathtaking bucolic scenery and unique attractions. In addition to the lodging options listed here, there are also many Airbnbs and VRBO in most towns. Over time more lodging opportunities and amenities are bound to develop and we will continue to keep this directory updated with the most current information.

The Towns...


Trailhead & parking

Swanton Park and Ride - 10 Elm St.

Swanton Recreation Commission - 16 Jewett St. Limited parking available. No overnight parking) SHUTTLE STOP


Swanton Motel - 112 Grand Ave

(There is also the Hampton Inn and La Quinta Inn and Suites in nearby St. Albans)

Dining & Attractions

Cody’s Café - 9 Grand Ave

Swanton House of Pizza – 34 Merchants Row

Pam’s Place – 77 1st St

Shaggy’s Snack Bar - 109 1st St

Maple City Candy - 6 Brooklyn St

Mississquoi Wildlife Refuge – 29 Tabor Rd

Swanton Rec Path – connects to the end of the LVRT



Trailhead & parking

(limited parking available. No overnight parking)

Dining & Attractions

Desorcies Market - 9 St Armand Rd

Highgate Village Market - 3108 VT-78, Highgate Center

O C McCuins & Sons Hardware - 3337 VT-78, Highgate Center


Sheldon, Fairfield, Bakersfield, Fletcher

Trailhead & parking in Sheldon at the intersection of the LVRT and Mississquoi VRT - 25 Severance Rd. SHUTTLE STOP

This first (or final) stretch of rail trail, through the first six towns, is what we call the “authentic Vermont” section. Cyclists will enjoy rural rolling farmlands and pure, quiet Vermont for about 30 miles. There are many quality VRBO/AirBNB lodging options sprinkled througout these towns with limited large scale "hotel" type options (it's what keeps Vermont Vermonty!). In Sheldon Junction the LVRT intersects with the 26-mile Mississquoi Valley Rail Trail .  Trail travel will be particularly quiet from Sheldon, through Fairfield, a quick zip down a corner of Bakersfield, and through Fletcher to Cambridge. (If you have the time, detour off the trail in Fairfield to visit Chester Arthur Historic Site! - 4588 Chester Arthur Rd)



Trailhead & Parking 

Cambridge LVRT Trailhead - 2-256 Cambridge Junction Rd, Jeffersonville, VT (Trailhead, bathroom and limited parking)


Park & Ride - 5464 VT-15, Jeffersonville, (parking and trail access) SHUTTLE STOP


Smuggler's Notch Inn - 55 Church St.

Sterling Ridge Resort - 155 Sterling Ridge Dr.

Brewster River Campground - 289 Campground Dr.

Deer Run Motor Inn - 80 Deer Run Loop

Smugglers Notch Resort - 4323 Vt Rt. 108 South

Pleasant Valley Getaway - Upper Pleasant Valley Rd.


Dining & Attractions

158 Main - 158 Main, 158 S Vt 108

Burger Barn - 4968 Vt Rt. 15

Red Leaf Gluten-Free Brewing – 105 Main Street

Brewster River Pub and Brewery - 4087 Vt Rt. 15 South

Martells at the Red Fox - 87 Edwards Rd.

The Village Tavern - 55 Church St

The Family Table -  4807 VT-15 

Hanley’s General Store - 30 S Vermont 108

Jana’s Cupboard and Deli – 4837 VT-15

Vermont Canoe and Kayak - 4805 VT-15

The Farm Store - 168 S Vermont 108

Painted Silos – roundabout of routes 15 and 108

Bryan Memorial Gallery - 180 S Vermont 108

Smuggler’s Notch Distillery - 5087 VT-15

Brewster River Swimming Hole – Rt. 108

LVBT_solo fall rider.JPG

The LVRT provides a safe and scenic alternative travel corridor that encourages you to not only view authentic Vermont in all its glory, but to slow down and experience it! Highlighting stretches of sleepy cow farmlands, high cornfields, winding rivers and rolling mountain scenery, the trail sports shopping, breweries and restaurants and takes you through a handful of quaint villages for a chance to eat, explore, swim and take in the local art and history of the Green Mountain State.



Please thank our local towns, villages and business owners for their generosity in providing restrooms, water, and other services that benefit trail users!

Every village along the trail has it's own quirk and touch to add to the cycling traveler's experience.  As these towns adapt more to cycling traffic they will be bolstered by and supported by you. Currently, the towns from Cambridge to Hardwick have the most shops, food, breweries and activities within walking distance of the rail trail with more scenic rural riding experiences to be enjoyed along the sections of trail on the east and west ends.  


Besides quaint villages the entire rail trail has access points for many other sources of recreation, such as fishing, swimming, and other trail networks for hiking and mountain biking.  Reach out if you're interested in a customized itinerary highlighting these activities and locations!  



Trailhead & Parking

Old Mill Park – 661 Railroad St (large parking area, playground)



Lendway Lane Vacation Rental – Lendway Ln

Vermont Treehouse 

Uncommon Accommodations - 1449 VT-15, East


Dining & Attractions

Moogs Joint - 1015 VT-15

Jenna’s Promise Café - 38 Lower Main St W

Marsala Salsa - Lower Main St W

Lamoille Valley Bike Tours – trailside 19 Creamery St

VT Flannel Company - 162 VT-15 East

 Dog’s Head Falls – trailside

Beard Rec Park and Swimming Hole - 299 School St

Marvin’s Country Store - 31 Lower Main St E

Johnson Woolen Mills - 51 Lower Main St E

VT Studio Center - 80 Pearl St

The Studio Store & Minema Gallery - 2 Lower Main St

Foote Brook Farm Stand - 641 Vt Rte 15 W

Forget-Me-Not Shop - 942 VT-15 W

Johnson Farm and Garden - 1442 VT 15


Hyde Park

Trailhead & Parking

Hyde Park Trailhead - 43 Mill St. (parking and bathroom)


The Governors House - 100 Main St

Sunset/Sunrise Tiny House

Dining &Attractions

Two Son’s Bakehouse – 246 Main St.

Ten Bends Beer - 590 East Main St.

Hyde Park History Trail – LVRT access points

Hyde Park Opera House - 85 Main St.



Trailhead & Parking

Oxbow Riverfront Park - 257 Portland St. (Trailhead, parking, bathrooms) SHUTTLE STOP


Mountain View Campground - 3154 VT Route 15 East

Sunset Motor Inn - 160 VT Rt.15 W

Maple House Manor - 83 Maple Street

Dining & Attractions 

Ten Railroad Street Restaurant - 10 Railroad St.

Moogs Place Restaurant - 97 Portland St.

Pizza On Main - 53 Lower Main St.

Siam Valley Thai - 387 Brooklyn St.

Thompson's Flour Shop - 84 Lower Main St.

The Oasis Cafe - 82 Lower Main St.

Black Cap Coffee - 53 Lower Main St.

Soulmate Brewing Company - 74 Portland St.

Lost Nation Restaurant and Brewery - 87 Creamery Rd.

Rock Art Brewery - 632 Laporte Rd.

Moss Boutique - 52 Portland St.

Noyes House Museum - 122 Lower Main St.

River Arts - 74 Pleasant St.

Morrisville Food Coop - 46 Pleasant St.

Morrisville History Walk - Park St, Portland St, Main St.

Oxbow Park - 257 Portland St.



(Wolcott Rail Trail Gazebo - 28 Railroad St. (Trailhead & Parking across from town offices)


Sandiwood Farm - 1665 Town Hill Rd 

Stowe Area Home - Overlook Hill Rd, Lake Elmore 

Take a cycling break in this quaint town and enjoy their community garden with a park and benches right near the trailhead kiosk with restroom!

Trail Travel

The LVRT is a rural scenic trail that consists of occasional remote sections. Being Vermont, sudden changes in weather and trail conditions can occur at all times of the year. It is up to the rider to ensure they are adequately prepared for all conditions as forecasts may not accurately depict those conditions. It is ultimately the responsibility of the rider to ensure that they are adequately prepared for the conditions.

IMG_8407 - Copy.JPG

No matter how you enjoy the LVRT please know that the trail is a public resource used by many and travel safely. This means yielding to the slowest user (even animals!), obeying traffic laws, respecting other users and the privacy and property of the Trail’s neighbors at all times. Please pack in and pack out all trash!

Heading East in Danville
_bikelamoile 2023-01-11 at 4.49.01 PM.png

St. Johnsbury Welcome Center



Trailhead (TBD) & Parking 

Park & Ride - 343 Wolcott St/VT Rt. 15  



Kimball House B&B - 173 Glenside Ave

Stone City Treehouse and Glamping

Hardwick 87 Lodging#1 - Hardwick Village

Hardwick 87 Lodging#2 - Hardwick Village

Hardwick Home AirBnB - Hardwick Village


Dining & Attractions 

The Scale House - 41 South Main St.

Positive Pie - 87 South Main St.

The Village Restaurant - 74 South Main St.

Front Seat Coffee - 101 South Main St.

Buffalo Mountain Coop - 75 Mill St.

The Whistle Emporium - 41 South Main St.


Greensboro, Stannard, Walden & Cabot

We have combined these next 4 towns into one section as the trail pops briefly into the corners of Greensboro, Stannard and Cabot, while most cycling occurs through the town of Walden.

In Greensboro one can venture 4 miles off trail to the lovely Caspian Lake, nationally renowned Hill

Farmstead Brewery and comfortable Highland Lodge for an enjoyable detour and overnight lodging.

Take a hop, skip and jump through the scenic corner of Stannard, a quaint town with no retail establishments, paved roads or air pollution, and into the beautiful, rural scenery of the town of Walden. Your travels will take you past Lyford Pond and Coles Pond (both connected to Joe’s Pond in Danville) and the Steam Mill Brook Wildlife Management Area. This town hosts many Vrbo lodging options as well. After a quick zip through Cabot where cyclists can detour off trail a few miles to Harry’s Hardware and The Den, a bar and taproom within a hardware store, and in the Fall, Burtt’s Apple Orchard, trail users will delight in cycling into Danville and trailside Joe’s Pond!


Broadfork Farm - 604 Cemetery Ridge, Greensboro

Walden Heights Nursery and Orchards - 120 VT Route 215

Wild Woods Maple - 2945 Cole's Pond Rd., Walden

Fruitlands B&B in Cabot offers trailside pickup for you and your bikes and will transport you to their B&B.



Trailhead & Parking  

Danville Train Station - Peacham Rd

Joe’s Pond – trailside West Danville

Park & Ride - Theodore Roosevelt Hwy/US 2  SHUTTLE STOP


Emergo Farm - 261 Webster Hill Rd

Danville Inn - 86 Route 2 West

Sugar Ridge RV Village & Campground - 24 Old Stagecoach Rd


Dining & Attractions 

Nacho Mama - 12 VT-15

The Creamery Restaurant - 46 Hill St

Good Fellas Restaurant - 59 Parker Rd

Three Ponds Restaurant - 11 Vermont Route 2 East

Martys 1st Stop - 421 Rt. 2 East

Sambel's Food Truck -  Trailside 97 VT-15

Joe's Pond Public Beach – Trailside 97 VT-15


St. Johnsbury

Trailhead & Parking

543 Main St.

Park & Ride - Western Ave/US 2 - SHUTTLE STOP


Cherry House Bed and Breakfast - 49 Frost Ave

Comfort Inn & Suites Near Burke Mountain - 703 US-5

Fairbanks Inn - 401 Western Ave

Dining & Attractions 

Kingdom Table - 397 Railroad St

Central Cafe - 418 Railroad St

Whirligig Brewing - 397 Railroad St Unit #2

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum - 1171 Main Street

Catamount Arts Theater - 115 Eastern Ave

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium - 1302 Main Street

The Dog Chapel of Dog Mountain - 143 Parks Rd.

Maple Grove Farms Museum and Gift Shop - 1052 Portland St.

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