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$69/half day

$79/full day

Miles of fun & the joy of an EBike on the car free rail trail! Safe and reliable Bosch & Shimano E-Bike systems for miles of comfortable pedal assisted riding. 


$45/half day

$55/full day

Light and sporty our high performance gravel bikes have drop handlebars like a road bike but with wide tires, low gearing and stable handling like a mountain bike. Cruise for miles on the rail trail, paved road and dirt roads with confidence. The LVRT is a great place to start your Gravel bike adventure.


$30/two hrs.

$40/full day

keeping the future bright and rolling. Kids bikes for ages 5-6 and up small, med. large youth frames.


Touring E-Bikes designed to take you farther and Commuter E-Bikes for everyday riding. The focus is on performance for more riding. Top of the line Bosch E-Bike systems.

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Connect generations of riders while you cruise along the trail all at the same pace!  Rent our family style ELECTRIC CARGO BIKE and take your little ones on the ride with you!  These E-Bikes can hold two passengers each with harness seats removable and replaced with padded seats for kids 2 to 12 years of age.  Visit and picnic at any of the delightful playgrounds right on the trail!  

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Transport In Style

Small and large to accommodate belongings, food and any purchases you may make on your adventure.


$30/two hrs.

$40/full day

Looking for some more self powered exercise or want to see the trail for a few hours or days? We have a selection of analog "regular" hybrid style bikes  available for two hours, full day or multi day rentals. 



Enjoy the snow and winter in a whole new way! Our Bosch EBike system equipped fat tire electric bikes are a well balanced SUV any time of year. Wide tires help absorb uneven terrain and the soft snow. Get out and play! 

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Kids and Toddlers ages 1 and up to 40 lbs. Safe, lightweight, easy towing, additional storage and a 5 point harness makes this a safe bet for any family outing with the little ones.


Along with E-Bikes we rent Gravel Bikes, Hybrid and Kids bikes and a selection of riding accessories. Our bike and EBike rentals include a local TRAIL RIDE GUIDE with everything you need to know to spend the day exploring this scenic trail. Enjoy shopping, dining, brewery hopping, swimming, fishing, playgrounds, site seeing and more! 


*For those looking for a more curated experience visit our Ebike Tours page.


  • Bike or E-Bike Rental

  • Helmet

  • Bike lock

  • Free onsite parking

  • Our own local trail RIDE GUIDE including insights and attractions (included in your confirmation email and onsite).


We highly recommend booking in advance! Day-of rentals may be available on a first come, first serve basis, but cannot be guaranteed.  

**All rentals are based our of our trailside HQ but our 2" hitch mount EBike Rack is available by request along with other addons to help you with your bike adventures!

(All prices subject to VT state sales tax and credit card processing fees)

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