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Bike Rentals for Multi-day Travel

With 93-miles of scenic riding, the entirety or portions of the LVRT can be enjoyed over a span of a few days.  LVBT offers bike rentals that coincide with our shuttle schedule for 3 day end-to-end travel. The LVBT Rail Trail Bike Shuttle operates 4 days per week with end-to-end service from East to West. Multi day bike rentals for full trail travel are available Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays beginning at 12PM in Swanton, VT in order for us to deliver and collect the bikes in tandem with our shuttle schedule. View our Rail Trail Shuttle page for the full schedule. 


Guests can either book our morning shuttle in St. Johnsbury (or at any of our other stops) and hitch a ride to Swanton to receive your bikes and begin your ride, or meet us in Swanton by car and book the shuttle on your return trip, post ride. 

  • Day 1 - Beginning at 12PM in Swanton receive your bike and equipment, bike or ebike orientation, and bike and equipment storage instructions. Enjoy the rest of the day on the trail to get to your first overnight destination.

  • Day 2 - Soak up the bustling, populated section of trail for the FULL DAY and enjoy shopping, breweries, distilleries, restaurants and more before making your way to your second overnight stop. 

  • Day 3 - The third day allows you to travel to your final destination, St. Johnsbury by 3:30PM to meet our shuttle at the park and ride and drop off your rental.  

*If you park in Swanton please know that our shuttle does not return there in the afternoon.  Our shuttle does return to our headquarters in Johnson which is the mid point of the trail and you can be transported back that far.  We recommend lodging in the quaint small city of St. Johnsbury on your third night and taking our shuttle the following morning back to Swanton.  (Your bike rental will need to be returned to our shuttle at our scheduled stop at the Park & Ride at 3:30PM on your final cycling day unless you reserve it through the following day.) 


We look forward to expanding our services and operating schedule as demand increases!   Visit our Trail Travel Info page for a town by town directory of lodging and dining options to put together your itinerary.

rail trail bike shuttle.jpg


  • Bike, Gravel Bike or EBike rental 

  • Bike shuttle east or west, pickup or drop off

  • Bike saddlebags/panniers 

  • Helmet, bike lock

  • On call tour support

  • Customized dining and attractions itinerary

  • Luggage Transport (based on availability)

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